Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fruity Pebbles Marshmallow Bars

Posted by Kejia:

Don't you just love the ooey-gooey stickiness of melted marshmallows? Well, I know I do. I cannot resist melted marshmallows(despite the amount of sugar content) - especially when they're coupled with my all-time favourite cereal, POST's Fruity Pebbles! I'm sure many of you have heard of Rice Krispie treats - this recipe is a fun twist to that original classic, using the best cereal in the world(best, at least to me). These are so good - chewy yet crunchy, best combination ever. It's so simple and fun to make(I had lots of fun licking and biting the chunks of melty deliciousness off my spatula). Enjoy! 

Just look at that melted goodness! Make sure to pour the cereal in intervals, or it'll get too messy.

Try to resist the temptation of eating it straight from the pan.

This is how it'll look like compressed. 


1/2 cup of butter
300g of large marshmallows(we used Rocky Mountain)
1 large box of POST's Fruity Pebbles

1. Prepare a tray lined with baking paper. (Amount of trays depends on the size of trays)
2. Heat up a pan(preferably non-stick) on a stove and coat it generously with butter. 
3. Once the butter has completely melted and the pan has been fully coated, take about 8 marshmallows and place them in the center of the pan, stirring continuously as it starts to melt.
4. As the marshmallows start to turn goo-ey(yum), take 1.5 cup of Fruity Pebbles and mix them with the melted marshmallow. Once mixed well, take another 1.5 cups of the cereal and mix it in.
5. As soon as the ingredients are well combined, place the mixture in the prepared tray. Using a spoon, press down on the mixture and compress it so that it fits the shape of the tray. Don't worry if the entire tray is not filled yet - you can repeat the process to fill the tray)
6. When the entire tray is filled with the compressed mixture, cover with clingwrap and place in the fridge for about 30 minutes to allow it to set. 
7. Allow it to come back to room temperature, then cut into desired shapes and serve. Put in fridge to store. 

Your favourite cereals can also be used! Why not try some POST's Banana Nut Crunch, Blueberry Morning, Cocoa/Cupcake/Marshmallow pebbles, NESTLE's Honey Stars or Kokocrunch. You can even mix different cereals together to get interesting flavours.They're sure to work and produce delicious results as well :-)
You'll definitely enjoy these. Do let me know if you've tried this out. :-)



  1. Absolutely brilliant! Three of you are geniuses, there hasn't been much recipes out there thats been able to tempt me to forget the calories as this one. I'll definitely be doing one in the coming week :)


    1. Thanks Andrik! It's really nice to hear that from you! These are so good, you won't regret it. Do tell us how it turns out. :-)

  2. Kejia! I FINALLY tried this for a BBQ and it was awesome!! Hahahaha thanks for the recipe! Hope your running's going well :D

  3. Hello Ruth!!!! (I miss you!) That's great to hear! Haha it's not rly going well because I've been really lazy but anyhoo let's meet up soon ok!!!


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